Geospatial intelligence made easy

Explore and analyze satellite data from multiple sources & discover deep insights from multiple layers, including your own data sources.

Geospatial Data meets Artificial Intelligence

A geospatial intelligence platform that, through the use of satellite and in-situ data, offers advanced visualization and analysis to obtain historical and real-time information about a geographic area.


Connect to multiple satellites data sources or import your own data.


Discover trends, merge layers of data and use our implemented algorithms.


Create powerful workflows to analyze your data and discover new insights daily.

Unlock new opportunities

Without the need to be an industry expert or perform manual analysis.

Select place and date

Thanks to the use of satellite images of different constellations and programs such as Copernicus, you can have access to data from anywhere in the world, both in real time and historical, without leaving your office.

  • Climate

    Discover how geospatial data can help to monitor climate and climate change as well as predict its potential events and its effects over the population.

  • Energy

    Use geospatial data to help you decide where to start your new energy facility (whether solar, wind or hydro) without the need to install and maintain sensors.

  • Smart Cities

    Take advantage of geospatial data to monitor your city and make better decisions with real data over large areas without having to invest in infrastructure.

Get your insights

Get results that will make a daily difference to your business with geospatial analytics. You will be able to obtain data such as surface temperature anywhere in the world to improve your crop production or see the area that has suffered damage after a typhoon, as well as being able to monitor the contaminants over your city.

  • Private companies

    Implement geospatial data analysis in your business to improve decision making and enhance profitability and performance.

  • Governments

    Make faster and better decisions using geospatial data about your country or use these analytics to monitor critical infrastructure.

Everything at just one click of distance

From numerical data to imagery analysis, we provide interactive dashboards & maps to visualize and analyze your data.

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Improving Earth knowledge through Geospatial Artificial Intelligence.

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European Union

This project has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, via an Open Call issued and executed under project PARSEC (grant agreement No 824478)